Are you teaching at St. Norbert College and wondering how you can get involved in Full Spectrum Learning? There are many opportunities available starting with filling out the Self-Assessment of Pedagogy form!

If you are looking to participate in our workshop for the T3 + BlendLAC conference, please look at that page here.

The notion of FSL derives from the conception that the needs of students can be met through the usage of diverse teaching strategies and learning experiences. Through the variety of instruction and experiences available to students, they individually discover what is the most impactful and motivating within their education.

Applying this notion to the college setting, the principle of FSL applies two key elements of college teaching to the instruction of diverse course content:

  1. The level and types of technology used in a course
  2. The degree to which the professor incorporates active learning practices

By crossing these two continuum, the FSL team created a matrix that allows the faculty member to situate his or her practice. The underlying principle of FSL is that meaningful learning can occur in each quadrant of the matrix. The goal of FSL is to facilitate a diversity of practices across fields of study, such that all students experience a range of approaches to teaching and learning during their time at the college.