Full Spectrum Learning is proud to partner and supports different opportunities surrounding St. Norbert College. Explore three different initiatives Full Spectrum Learning promotes.


#DigPINS is our online connected learning experience for faculty and staff where we explore issues around Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship while building community and engaging in online discussion. #DigPINS exists in a variety of online environments providing close-knit and open experiences that build digital literacies over anywhere from 3-5 weeks. 

Though originally designed and developed at St. Norbert, the #DigPINS curriculum is offered with an open license and has been offered by several other schools. You can see our most recent implementation at

#DigPINS is the foundational experience for Level 1 of the FSL Stipend but it is not required to be an FSL Stipend Awardee to participate in #DigPINS.  

Knight Domains

Knight Domains is St. Norbert College’s Domain of One’s Own initiative. Faculty staff and students can manage their own websites and other applications with this exciting new offering that provides 1GB of web hosting. You can sign up, see examples of other’s sites, and read our blog at

T3 Conference

Transformative Teaching and Technology (T3) conference is a yearly digital pedagogy conference that is held on SNC’s campus each May. You can find out more at