Building digital competencies in marketing students

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Building digital competencies is important for all our students, and especially so for marketing (among many other disciplines). Marketing is becoming increasingly digital, and marketing programs need to update their curriculum in order to give students the skills necessary to respond to the changing industry …

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#DigPINS 2019

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My #DigPINS Journey When I joined the summer 2019 DigPINS cohort I had a morsel of an idea to create a hybrid online/in person course to offer during May term.  As a result of careful contemplation of the readings and fellow DigPIN-er blog posts, I …

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Evolution of FSL Over the Year

Attending the 2019 Domains Conference by Reclaim Hosting on June 10th and 11th has made me realize how much progress has been made on Full Spectrum Learning (FSL). When Ruthie and I…

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#DigPINS Project

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The opportunity to participate in the spring 2019 #DigPINS cohort experience changed the way I think about digital media, engage with technology in my everyday life, teach and do research. Throughout our weekly blogs, conversations, and frequent visits to IT, I was able to learn …

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Reflecting on Teaching Illustration Online

With grant support from Full Spectrum Learning, this past semester I got to implement some of the lessons and ideas of #DigPINS when I taught a Special Topics course in Illustration. The class was truly special for me in a number of ways: 1) it …

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My #DigPINS experience

This past January I had the opportunity to participate in #DigPINS with a cohort of colleague both within and outside of SNC. Between the readings, conversations on Slack, video calls, and blogs, this experience pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone and has …

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Domains of One’s Own… it’s just a website right?

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Introduction I should begin with a little context on how I am now in the position of writing a blog. Maybe it will speak to others like me. Individuals who roll their eyes at whatever new social media trend there is, people that scoff at …

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My Journey with #digPINS

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by Parisa Meymand What will follow is a summary of the weeks I spent in #DigPINS, but if you’d like to jump right to how I implemented this in my own class – jump right down to “Now what?” This past summer I embarked on …

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